Make Postoperative Remote Monitoring Possible for Customized System

Benefits of mHealth in chronic disease management with Minttihealth

Recovery from surgery can be a lengthy process for patients, most of whom prefer to convalesce in the comforts of their own home. More providers are implementing remote patient monitoring to improve home health care after surgery.

About Map2heal
Since 2005, Map2heal has been carrying out its research and development activities on tele-medical services and software.

With the cooperation of companies and scientists in many countries such as China, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, and thanks to the experiences obtained in Turkey and abroad in this field, Map2heal intensifies R & D activities in the field of remote patient tracking and telemetry.

Map2heal aims to technologically improve the communication process between the doctor and the patient. It has become one of the most innovative companies in the sector with its innovative R & D projects in the field of Medical File (DICOM) imaging, Tele Medicine, Doctor-Hasta Communication Platforms and Health Tourism development.

How is Postoperative Remote Monitoring of Vital Signs Feasible?

Vital-sign monitoring is an important part of any medical procedure, especially after surgery. Adoption of relevant and effective technology tools has proved feasible in enabling remote monitoring of vital signs. More providers are implementing remote patient monitoring of vital signs for postoperative care.

Mintti-Vision Health Monitor is a connected medical device practical for patients after surgery. It measures 6 vitals via postoperative patients’ self-administered tests and wirelessly transmits the results to smartphones and the cloud for doctors to view remotely.

Why Minttihealth
Minttihealth was listed as one of top 23 Global Wearable Healthcare Devices Industry (2020 to 2025) by AP;

Minttihealth is the only Chinese brand interviewed by Cardiology 2.0 from US, a media publication covering innovation, breakthroughs, trends across the complete spectrum of cardiovascular space.

And Mintti-Smartho D2 is the first and only electronic stethoscope CE marked and FDA 510K cleared in China.

We look for partners rather than buyers. Minttihealth has provided over 200 customized solutions for more than 1000 customers from 62 countries.

For the application of remote patient monitoring with Mintti-Vision, Mintti-Smartho-D2, Mintti-Heartbook, or other solutions customized to your business goals and challenges, you may find out here, or request a Demo, you may also send us an email to: info@, we’ll respond shortly to your query.