Ear Thermometer, Mintti Breeze

Mintti Breeze infrared forehead and ear thermometer integrates with the latest built-in smart chip and AI algorithm. It can measure temperature with the highest degree of medical accuracy for all ages. Whether you are at home or work as a physician, Mintti Breeze allows you to monitor your temperature easily.



To meet the users’ different needs and circumstances, Mintti Breeze can measure temperatures with contact or contact-free methods. The contact-free method with the silent mode is ideal for infants without waking them up while taking the temperature. You can also easily switch to ear reading to ensure more accurate reading on older children and adults.

With the world’s first front-facing LED display, you don’t have to turn Mintti Breeze over to check the reading as the display is right in front of you. It can make taking temperature so convenient. Self-measuring becomes more comfortable and much easier.

Fast & Accurate Measuring

Combining the cutting-edge sensor with a smart chip and optimized AI algorithms, Mintti Breeze can prevent false reading and offer the highest degree of accuracy within one second.

Intelligent Performance &User Friendly

It features with a built-in fever alarm to prevent guesswork and an auto shutdown for power saving. With one-touch operation, it is simple to use even for children and elderly people.

Easy-to-Read Front Facing LED Display

With the world’s first front-facing display, it makes self-measuring so easy. There is no need to turn it over to check the temperature as it is right in front of you.

More Durable with Long-lasting Battery

The long-lasting battery with approximately 3000 readings per year and 200 minutes for constant use makes it more reliable and durable to use.

Preventing Infection with the Contact-free Forehead Measuring Mode

With the contact-free forehead measuring mode, it can prevent infection and cross-contamination and minimize the disease from spreading among users.

Ergonomic and Elegant Patented Design

The ergonomic design of Mintti Breeze makes taking temperature more comfortable and much easier. With a unique upright patented design, it looks more like an artwork rather than a thermometer.


1. Q: Has Mintti Breeze got any approval?
A: Yes, Mintti Breeze has got CFDA (China) approved, CE certificated, and FDA certificated.

2. Q: What is the accuracy of infrared thermometer of Mintti Breeze?
A: Mintti Breeze uses a high-precision sensor to ensure the accuracy of temperature measurement, so it is with the highest degree of medical accuracy.

3. Q: Is Mintti Breeze a contact or contact-free thermometer?
A: Mintti Breeze is a dual-functional thermometer. For the forehead measuring mode, it is a non-contact thermometer. For the ear measuring mode, it is a contact-free one.

4. Q: What is the measuring distance for the forehead non-contact mode of Mintti Breeze?
A: The measuring distance is within 3cm from the forehead.

5. Q: What are the advantages of Mintti Breeze?
A: Mintti Breeze has a unique patented design, dual measuring modes (both forehead and ear), an extra-large and bright LED display and a muted mode.

6: Q: Can I switch between Fahrenheit °F and Celsius °C (Centigrade)?
A: Yes, you can switch easily by setting your measurement units.


Ear Thermometer Brochure

Ear Thermometer User Manual