Respiratory Health


Respiratory Health

Why is the degree of diagnostic accuracy dependence on chest auscultation decreasing?

Is it possible to develop a standardized system to analyze respiratory sounds accurately to overcome the subjectivity of auscultation? Is it possible to examine patients in hard-to-reach area?

Artificial Intelligence Algorithm-Assisted Auscultation is a promising new way to help detect heart disease.

The AI-powered digital stethoscope Mintti Smartho-D2 in telemedicine can help identify pediatric pneumonia and structural heart disease with great accuracy whether the patient is in their own home, a clinic, or a virtual health center in rural areas.

For healthcare providers, a digital stethoscope Mintti Smartho-D2 in telemedicine can:

✔ help make a proper diagnosis during a tele-consultation
    with a patient in a rural clinic;

✔ help provide remote assessment or email recordings
    to colleagues for second opinions;

✔ produce, annotate and edit EMR for further analysis,
    and transmission.

For patients, a digital stethoscope Mintti Smartho-D2 in telemedicine can:

✔ initiate virtual care anytime, anywhere for respiratory health;

✔ get timely expert reports and early respiratory health warnings;

✔ take care of their respiratory health easily at home
    and achieve a better state of wellness;

✔ avoid clinic visits during the pandemic;

✔ get a second opinion to ensure the most accurate
    diagnosis from experts.

For teaching around the bedside, in the classroom or auscultation research, a digital stethoscope Mintti Smartho-D2 can:

✔ save images of wave forms and spectrograms;

✔ amplify, slow down, cut, copy or paste sound segments;

✔ upload and share sounds instantaneously;

✔ record sounds and create a sound sample library.

In treating COVID-19, using a traditional stethoscope becomes a challenge.

Fortunately, Mintti Smartho-D2 can provide telemedicine capabilities and allow safe distance auscultation. With Mintti Smartho-D2, medical staff can wear Bluetooth headphones while wearing “a fully equipped spacesuit (PPE)”.

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