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Mintit Vision Operation Video--How to Share the Data

Mintti Vision Operation Video

Operation Video of Mintti Vision Blood Glucose Function

Operation Video of Mintti Vision

Firmware upgrade of electronic stethoscope

Operation Video of Mintti Smartho

Operation Video of Mintti Smartho-D2

Smartho-D2 App Operation

Heartbook ECG App Operation

Mintti Heartbook Operation Video

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Healthcare with Minti Vision Empowering Lives through Advanced Monitoring Technology

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Testimonial from Dr. Mohamed Fayek,Founder&CEO of Medixia Global

Testimonial from Mr. Aamod Wagh, Founder &CEO of Rhemos Health

Testimonial from Mr.Cesar Margarida,CEO of bioz4life

VIO Health

Mintti's Electronic Stethoscope Recognized in Slovak University's Respiratory Monitoring Research!

Dr. David Khoo's Inspiring Journey with iHEAL Health and Minttihealth Telemedicine Solutions

A journey of innovation and collaboration with Minttihealth

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Mintti Vision Introduction

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Test the updated Windows software for our Smartho D2 stethoscope

MEDICA 2023: A Journey of Excitement, Gratitude, and Anticipation

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Minttihealth's CEO about wearable technologies at MEDICA 2023

Technology Core with the AI-powered Digital Stethoscope

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