Mintti Vision

Mintti Vision is a portable and easy-to-use device that monitors vital signs using advanced sensors and proprietary algorithms. It measures temperature, blood pressure, blood glucose, SPO2, respiratory rate, and heart rate, and syncs with a smartphone app for convenient monitoring and data sharing with family members or doctors.


Syncing with a smartphone APP of Mintti Vision, it makes health monitoring simple and comfortable. You can share your personal health data with your family members or directly with your doctor without even leaving home.

Multifunctional, 6 in 1 Health Tracking

Mintti Vision Health Tracker is a multifunctional 6 in 1 health monitoring device. It can measure, store and share the user’s data of blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate, temperature, respiratory rate and blood glucose.

Simple and Convenient

Mintti Vision is compact enough to fit in your pocket or handbag, making health tracking extremely easy and convenient. You can read your vital signs anytime and anywhere.

Best Care at Lower Cost

Mintti Vision enables organizations to deliver the highest quality of care without having to invest much in extra staff, resources, or training.

Data Security and Privacy

Mintti Vision keeps each and every user’s data safe, secure and private with its encrypted multi-user feature which makes it the perfect fit for the family. Every family member can track their health condition while keeping their privacy separate.


 1. Q: How long does Mintti Vision take to charge an empty battery to full?
A: Around 3-4 hours from empty to 100% full.

2. Q: How long will Mintti Vision last on a full charge?
A: Around 20 days for standby time, 200-300 test times for blood pressure, oximetry and 2000-3000 times for body temperature.

3. Q: Does Mintti Vision or the related APP tell you when the battery is low?
A: Yes. The user can check the battery on the APP. When the battery is low, you will receive a low battery alert.

4. Q: How do you clean the cuff? Is it washable?
A: Yes, the cuff can be washed by hand. Just use water or some alcohol-based detergent when necessary.

5. Q: Is Mintti Vision a subscription service or an additional feature that I need to pay?
A: No, the usage of service provided by Mintti Vision is free.

6. Q: Is the battery rechargeable? If so, does Mintti Vision come with a recharging cord?
A: Yes, Mintti Vision uses Lithium battery with each pack containing one convenient USB recharging cord.

7. Q: Will all records get wiped out if I forget to charge the battery when it runs out?
A: No. The data will be saved on the cloud and your smartphone.

8. Q: As for blood glucose, does it only work with the stick from Mintti Vision?
A: Yes, it only works with sticks from Mintti Vision.

9. Q: Where can I download the APP of Mintti Vision?
A: You can search “Healthmonitor” from Google Play.

10. Q: Is it necessary to wrap the cuff tightly when using Mintti Vision for blood pressure measuring?
A: Loosen or tighten the cuff until you feel comfortable with it. There is no need to wrap it very tightly.

11. Q: Is there any problem with measuring temperature in places other than the forehead (ears)?
A: Yes, for temperature measuring, Mintti Vision can only be used as a forehead thermometer. So if you measure your temperature in other places other than forehead, the result will not be accurate.

12. Q: Is Mintti Vision waterproof?
A: Yes, Mintti Vision is a waterproof health monitor rated IP22, which won’t be damaged by vertically dripping water.


Health Monitor Brochure

Health Monitor User Manual