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  • Mintti Vision

    Mintti Vision is a portable and easy-to-use device that monitors vital signs using advanced sensors and proprietary algorithms. It measures temperature, blood pressure, blood glucose, SPO2, respiratory rate, and heart rate, and syncs with a smartphone app for convenient monitoring and data sharing with family members or doctors.

  • Digital Stethoscope Mintti Smartho-D2

    Mintti Smartho-D2 Electronic Stethoscope, is a digital smart stethoscope featured with powerful amplification and active noise cancellation, which enables doctors and nurses to hear heart beat and lung sounds with greater clarity.

  • ECG Patch, Mintti Heartbook

    Mintti Heartbook Wearable Dynamic ECG Monitor, is a lightweight and comfortable ambulatory adhesive patch suitable for real-time monitoring cardiac monitoring at home or in any healthcare environment.

  • Ear Thermometer, Mintti Breeze

    Mintti Breeze infrared forehead and ear thermometer integrates with the latest built-in smart chip and AI algorithm. It can measure temperature with the highest degree of medical accuracy for all ages. Whether you are at home or work as a physician, Mintti Breeze allows you to monitor your temperature easily.

  • Wearable Thermometer, Mintti Coola

    Continuous monitoring thermometer, Mintti Coola, is a wearable smart medical thermometer placed under the armpit which enables parents to continuously monitor the temperature of their child anytime and anywhere when they feel sick or uncomfortable.