Postoperative Remote Monitoring of Vital Signs at Home with Minttihealth Solutions

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What are vital signs?

Vital-sign monitoring is an important part of any medical procedure, especially after surgery. State-of-the-art vital-signs monitors allow you to track your patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and pulse oximetry in real time, allowing you to act quickly if the patient shows signs of distress. There are many problems for patients after a surgery to monitor and prevent serious complications.

Why Postoperative Remote Monitoring of Vital Signs at home with Mintti-Vision?

Hospital stays after major surgery are shorter than ever before. Some complications will first manifest themselves in home settings. Remote patient monitoring with vital sign monitors after hospital discharge may capture clinical deterioration effectively at home.

Mintti-Vision vital sign monitor allows providers to track their patients’ heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and pulse oximetry in real time after surgery at home, allowing them to act quickly if their patients show signs of abnormalities.

The observation and assessment of vital signs is crucial for predicting and preventing clinical deterioration. Vital signs are captured frequently to monitor physiological stability after surgery through Mintti-Vision solution. For patients with diabetes, blood glucose levels are monitored closely by fingerstick testing, because better glycemic control improves outcomes.

Mintti-Vision postoperative remote monitoring of vital signs can help expand hospital bed capacity, reduce the load on hospital emergency departments and subsequently hospital admissions. It may be considered in the future not only as one of key strategies to address increasing hospital bed demand, but also in response to the ageing population.

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