Mintti Vision Helps Provide Personalized Health Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring for Chronic Respiratory Diseases with Mintti Solutions

The ever-increasing availability of new technologies and an ever-improving health information technology infrastructure has initiated a new era in medicine and a transition from population-level healthcare to personalized medicine.

In the tele-medicine, the ability of a physician to have medical grade record of the state of patients with the help of health monitoring devices, has taken new, unforeseen significance. For chronic patients, they are in great need of user-friendly, non-intrusive, and computationally efficient physiological data collection and analysis platforms.

Equipped with the most advanced sensors and technologies, Mintti Vision provides an authentic measurement of your temperature, blood pressure, blood glucose, SPO2, respiratory rate, and heart rate. Mintti Vision is a convenient portable multifunctional health monitor that would help improve patient-provider communication, and adherence to treatment and self-management, in underserved populations.

Syncing with a smartphone APP of Mintti Vision, it makes health monitoring simple and comfortable, whether you are in a hospital, clinic, or in the comfort of your own home. All measurement results are promptly sent to the APP and the cloud for remote health monitoring and telehealth.

Rothman Index (RI) applied in Mintti Vision is a software program for recording users’ overall health condition over time. It generates a “health score” based on factors such as vital signs and a person’s self-assessments. It is displayed with a graph of the user’ condition in real-time which enables the early intervention of the physician.

Mintti Vision is perfect for hospitals and home care companies to provide world-class care, for rural care initiatives, for elders living by themselves, or even for families to monitor their wellness.

Want to learn more? You can see our Mintti Vision Health Monitor on this page. You can also request a Demo from MINTTI for our health monitor.