AI-System Application in Mintti-Smartho-D2 Stethoscope

Mintti Breeze infrared forehead and ear thermometer integrates with the latest built-in smart chip and AI algorithm. It can measure temperature with the highest degree of medical accuracy for all ages. Whether you are at home or work as a physician, Mintti Breeze allows you to monitor your temperature easily.

Nowadays, the respiratory disease has become one of the most dangerous diseases that threaten human health, especially in the developing countries. The early diagnosis of respiratory disease gives patients the opportunity to receive proper treatment in time, and hence artificial intelligent (AI) auscultation using electronic stethoscope may play a promising role.

As we know, the diagnostic accuracy of the stethoscope is limited and highly dependent on clinical expertise. Results are limited by significant heterogeneity. Lung auscultation has a low sensitivity in different clinical settings and patient populations, thereby hampering its clinical utility.

Therefore, Minttihealth has developed three AI systems related to electronic stethoscope based on the heart and lung sound database to improve diagnostic efficiency.

The first one is pediatric adventitious respiratory sound detection (PARSD) system, aiming at detecting pathological adventitious respiratory sounds, including wheeze and crackle, for pediatric auscultation application. The primary care function of PARSD is to judge whether adventitious respiratory sounds exist in recorded lung sound data those are no shorter than 2s.

The second one is aortic stenosis detection & classification (ASDC) system, aiming at detecting aortic stenosis from cardiac auscultation and classifying it into three levels: mild, moderate, and severe. The primary care function of ASDC is to judge whether a subject has got aortic stenosis and what is the level of aortic stenosis, by AI-based cardiac auscultation on auscultatory aortic valve area and second auscultatory aortic valve area.

The last one is congenital heart disease diagnosis (CHDD) system, aiming at giving suggestions on the risk of a pediatric subject having congenital heart disease. The primary care function of CHDD is to give a real-time diagnosis suggestion on the risk of having congenital heart disease, by AI-based auscultation on auscultatory pulmonary valve area and auscultatory mitral valve area.

And now we have built three databases: the pediatric respiratory sound database, the aortic stenosis auscultation database, and the pediatric cardiac sound database for congenital heart disease screening. All of the databases collection has passed the ethics committees, and carried out in the cooperative hospitals. The data can be publicly available for only academic usage.

Mintti Electronic Stethoscope has not only obtained the NMPA, but also  is the first and only one with CE mark and FDA clearance in China. It can digitize the heart and lung sound signals, enabling storage and traceability of auscultation signals. Through  self-developed heart and lung sound sensor and core signal processing algorithm, a better and clearer auscultation experience can be achieved than traditional stethoscopes.

Want to learn more? You can see our Mintti Smartho-D2 Digital Stethoscope on this page. You can also request a Demo from MINTTI for our AI-assisted Digital Stethoscope.