Artificial Intelligence-assisted Diagnosis System for Analyzing Respiratory Sounds

Chronic Disease Management with Remote Patient Monitoring

With the development of machine learning, deep learning based artificial intelligence (AI) technology has demonstrated tremendous success in the field of medical data analysis. It can extract rich features from imaging and complex clinical datasets to support and improve the efficiency in medical community.

Machine learning-based AI techniques are applied mainly by deep learning networks in many areas, including auscultation application. AI techniques enable health practitioners to obtain a new approach to or more accurate analysis of respiratory sounds.

Artificial intelligence-assisted diagnosis system applied in analyzing respiratory sounds can reduce the subjectivity of human auscultation and the discrepancy in auscultation ability between doctors.

Studies related with artificial intelligence-assisted diagnosis system of respiratory sounds have been conducted in collaboration with doctors and machine learning experts, and it has been proven that AI-assisted diagnosis system can discriminate lung sounds with a considerable level of accuracy.

Artificial intelligence-assisted auscultation has become available to assist clinicians with physical examinations, for example, pediatric adventitious respiratory sound detection (PARSD) system applied in Smartho-D2, aiming at detecting pathological adventitious respiratory sounds, including wheeze and crackle.

Why Mintti-Smartho-D2 AI-assisted Stethoscope

Through self-developed heart and lung sound sensor and core signal processing algorithm, Mintti-Smartho-D2 can provide a better and clearer auscultation experience than traditional stethoscopes do. It is a digital stethoscope driven by AI-assisted diagnosis system based on the heart and lung sound database, which can improve diagnostic efficiency.

Mintti Smartho-D2 AI-assisted Stethoscope has not only obtained the NMPA, but also is the first and only one with CE mark and FDA clearance in China.

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