Remote Patient Monitoring for Chronic Respiratory Diseases

Remote Patient Monitoring for Chronic Respiratory Diseases with Mintti Solutions

The increasing prevalence of Chronic Respiratory Diseases (CRDs) is one of the leading health challenges worldwide. Chronic respiratory diseases (CRDs) are chronic diseases of the airways and other parts of the lung. Some of the most common are asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), lung cancer, sleep apnea and occupational lung diseases.

Many patients with chronic respiratory diseases, even those without symptoms or a diagnosis, experience changes in their day-to-day life that medical exams overlook. Thus, detailed symptom and physical evaluation is needed to improve diagnostic accuracy for chronic respiratory diseases.

CRDs are not curable, however, treatment options are available that can help in managing and controlling the symptoms and improve the quality of life.

Minttihealth has the ability to provide cost-effective “out-of-hospital” healthcare solutions for payers, hospitals and patients with chronic respiratory diseases at home.

Remote patient monitoring with Minttihealth solutions can help health providers improve chronic care management of respiratory diseases. It not only allows the health providers to track their patients daily, but it also helps them make more efficacious decisions by adjusting treatments in real time to improve the quality of life of their patients with chronic respiratory diseases and improve their healthcare.

Minttihealth solutions involve the use of advanced remote patient monitoring platforms and connected remote patient monitoring devices. With the integration of remote patient monitoring into the electronic health record systems, Minttihealth solutions can help fill gaps in care planning and deliver more efficient and seamless care for patients with chronic respiratory diseases.

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