Remote Patient Monitoring with Minttihealth Solutions in CVDS Management

Remote Patient Monitoring with Minttihealth Solutions in CVDS Management Managing cardiovascular disease (CVD) with remote patient monitoring

Remote patient monitoring is a form of telehealth that allows providers to monitor and manage their patients’ chronic conditions remotely. Technological advances have augmented the ability to manage patients from outside the hospital or clinic setting.

Managing cardiovascular disease (CVD) with remote patient monitoring (RPM) has shown significant improvement in patient outcomes. To monitor the patient with cardiovascular diseases from their own home has become an increasingly popular option.

AI-Powered Mintti- Smartho-D2 Stethoscope Ideal for Remote Monitoring

Mintti Smartho-D2 AI-powered Stethoscope, is a digital smart stethoscope featured with powerful amplification and active noise cancellation, which enables doctors and nurses to remotely hear heart beat and lung sounds with greater clarity.

Mintti Electronic Stethoscope can be paired with a free app to help providers monitor their patient’s heart and lung sounds remotely, see the phonocardiogram in real-time, and record auscultation signal data for future playback.

Mintti Smart ECG Wearable Monitor Enabling Continuous Monitoring of Cardiovascular Diseases

With wireless monitors, cloud-based platforms, and telemedicine, Minttihealth helps health providers seamlessly use at-home wearable device Heartbook, continuously monitor their patients’ arrhythmia, abnormal heart rate, and rhythm remotely and safely.

As an intelligent medical-grade wearable ECG monitor, Mintti Heartbook can be used in after-surgery tracking for cardiac patients and remotely continuous monitoring for the elderly, extreme sports enthusiasts, people under high pressure, or the sub-healthy people as well.

Besides remote patient monitoring in CVDS management, body temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate and regularity, and oxygen saturation, can be assessed remotely with Mintti-Vision Solutions.

Mintti remote patient monitoring solutions can support health decision-making in areas with poor access to health care due to distance, travel difficulties or lack of health-care staff. It can also facilitate patient adherence to medications, modifications to drug therapy or early clinical face-to-face review.

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