Remote Patient Monitoring with Mintti-Vision

Temperature Management for Postoperative Care at Home

Many serious chronic illnesses require frequent testing and monitoring to keep track of symptoms and vital signs for chronically ill patients, such as, blood pressure for cardiac patients, blood sugar levels for diabetes management.

To provide consistent, convenient care for patients who need ongoing medical attention, remote patient monitoring is an important tool. Remote patient monitoring is a form of telehealth that allows providers to monitor and manage their patients’ chronic conditions in remote locations.

As the advanced medical technology develops and the awareness of telehealth grows, remote patient monitoring becomes popular and convenient.

To cut down on patients’ travel costs and infection risk of COVID-19, along with other illness, the patients can be discharged with a remote monitoring device, Mintti-Vision Multi-functional Health Monitor, to use at home.

Mintti-Vision can provide self-care for users at home. The user can measure their temperature, blood pressure, etc with one device anytime and anywhere.

Benefits of Mintti-Vision for the patients with chronic conditions:

  • Better preventative management for chronic conditions;
  • Fewer visits to the emergency room;
  • Reduced hospitalizations;
  • Shorter hospital stays;
  • Better health outcomes for patients in rural areas.

Benefits of Mintti-Vision for the providers:

  • Improving clinical decision making;
  • Triggering earlier clinical assessment and treatment;
  • Helping modify drug therapy regimens;
  • Helping patients improve self-management;
  • Reinforcing patient adherence to medications;
  • Optimizing clinical staff efficiency and combating clinical staff shortages.

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