Innovative Telehealth Solutions for Hospital-Grade Care at Home-Success Story from Omni Hospitals & TigerTech

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Omni Hospitals & TigerTech Partner to Deliver Innovative Telehealth Solutions for Hospital-Grade Care at Home

Omni Hospitals has partnered with TigerTech to integrate the Health Monitor Telehealth device with their EMR system. This device is perfect for IPD, OPD, home care, senior care, chronic care, pre/post-natal care, eClinics, pre/post-op care, and more. It’s easy to use by trained medical workers and consistently provides accurate results for vitals. Patients receive hospital-grade care in the comfort of their own homes, making healthcare accessible anytime, anywhere. Omni Hospitals is thrilled with the performance of TigerTech and the Health Monitor, as it helps them provide innovative telehealth solutions for their patients.

Introduction to Omni Hospitals 

OMNI Hospital, owned by the healthcare division of INCOR Group, was established to provide comprehensive and cost-effective super-specialty services with warmth and care. Since opening its doors in 2010 with a 150-bed super-specialty hospital in Kothapet, Hyderabad, OMNI Hospital has expanded to offer over 30 specialities, including Cardiology, CT Surgery, Orthopaedics, General Medicine, and more. With a commitment to ethics and community health, OMNI Hospital has created a unique identity as a professional medical care provider over 9 years.

Why Choose Minttihealth  

Minttihealth, the only Chinese brand to be showcased at two major telemedicine exhibitions, namely the 2019 Sweden Vitalis and 2018 Germany ConhIt events, has received recognition from AP as one of the top 23 health wearable brands globally.

The company’s top-notch R&D team from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) contributes to its competitive edge.

Minttihealth’s impressive marketing team, which includes members who have served as marketing trainers for Alibaba, is available to support your marketing plan.

The company has also achieved a significant milestone by developing the first electronic stethoscope from China to obtain FDA approval.

In addition, Minttihealth’s Mintti Smartho-D2 was successfully used at Huoshenshan Hospital to diagnose COVID-19 patients, earning high acclaim.

CCTV Finance has also featured Minttihealth’s electronic stethoscope as the first of its kind in China.

At Minttihealth, we seek partnerships rather than just buyers. Our track record includes providing over 200 tailored solutions to more than 1,000 customers across 62 countries.

For telehealth solutions for hospital-grade care at home with Mintti-Vision, Mintti-Smartho-D2, Mintti-Heartbook, or other solutions customized to your business goals and challenges, you may find out here, or request a Demo, you may send us an email to: info@, we’ll respond shortly to your query.