Digiswasthya Foundation Utilizes Health Monitor Telehealth Device to Provide Accessible Healthcare Services in Rural Areas

Digiswasthya Foundation Utilizes Health Monitor Telehealth Device to Provide Accessible Healthcare Services in Rural Areas

Digiswasthya Foundation, a Section 8 non-profit organization registered under the Companies Act 2013, is working diligently to provide accessible and affordable healthcare services in rural India. As part of their efforts, Digiswasthya has been utilizing the Health monitor Telehealth device from TigerTech since June 2021. This device has been put to use for in-clinic tests, home care, and health camps by doctors, nurses, and patient navigators.

Through their use of the Health monitor, Digiswasthya has found it to be easy to operate and consistently provides accurate results for vitals. In a rural setting where quick and efficient results are vital, the Health monitor has proven its mettle. The team at Digiswasthya is pleased with TigerTech as the device has helped them in their journey of making healthcare accessible in rural India through telemedicine.

Story of Digiswasthya Foundation

Sandeep was sick in 2007 and struggled to get a correct diagnosis due to the lack of qualified doctors and under-equipped hospitals in his small district of Sant-Kabir-Nagar in Uttar Pradesh. After six months, he was diagnosed with Ewing-Sarcoma, a type of bone cancer, and underwent a bone replacement surgery. Sandeep recovered slowly at Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai and later worked with social-sector organizations to help cancer patients and their families.

Realizing that his calling was to address the lack of awareness and access to healthcare infrastructure in rural areas, Sandeep took a break from his job and established DigiSwasthya, a telemedicine clinic in his home district, in July 2020. By creating a full stack primary healthcare platform, Sandeep and his team aim to transform India’s primary healthcare system and make healthcare services affordable and accessible for rural communities by leveraging technology.

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