The Use of Single-lead Wearable ECG Devices for Remote Patient Monitoring

Self-Management Devices Empowering Patients for Chronic Conditions

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the world’s number one killer. According to the data from WHO, 17.9 million people die each year from CVDs, 85% of all CVDs are due to heart attacks and strokes.

Wearable ECG devices is a reasonable option for long-term rhythm surveillance in patients with cardiovascular diseases.Wearable ECG (EKG) devices have consistently demonstrated their non-inferiority in detecting arrhythmias. They are normally used for basic heart monitoring, or simple educational or research purposes.

What is single-lead monitoring?

Single-lead ECG monitoring has been a favored method to record ECG with handheld or wearable devices. An adhesive patch-type ECG monitoring device is easier to use and more capable of recording ECG for an extended period than Holter monitoring.

Single-lead wearable ECG devices have become available for personal, home, and sports use.They can be used by the general public for personal recording of information, routine monitoring, or during uncommon events.

The recordings can then be shown to the health providers or, for non-emergency or simple monitoring purposes, used by the person himself or herself if he or she is able to interpret them.

Wearable ECG Devices Enabling Remote Patient Monitoring

Advanced technologies support remote patient monitoring and telehealth applications with single-lead wearable ECG devices. The devices have ability to improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs. And it often result in a reduction in time to diagnosis and lower rates of ED visits.

Mintti Heartbook is an intelligent medical-grade wearable ECG monitor that continuously measures vital signs including one channel ECG, heart rate, respiration rate and body posture without the user intervention.

With a smartphone app and a Cloud-based platform, Mintti Heartbook builds up the patient’s exclusive chronic disease management platform, providing a simple and efficient mobile cardiac telemetry solution for patients and healthcare providers.

Single-lead wearable electrocardiographic (ECG) devices for remote monitoring are emerging as critical components of the viability of long-term continuous health and wellness monitoring applications.

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