Post-operative Follow-up at Home with Mintti Solutions

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The lack of adequate follow-up after major surgeries may be an important problem for patients to monitor and prevent serious complications. For example, patients with diabetes, blood glucose levels are monitored closely by fingerstick testing every 1 to 4 hours until they are awake and eating, because better glycemic control improves outcomes.

As the popularity and convenience of telehealth grows, so does remote patient monitoring. More providers are implementing remote patient monitoring. Since no place like home, post-operative follow-up at home is a quicker and fuller recovery for patients after a surgery, especially on the impact of COVID-19.

A home-based post-operative follow-up system combined with Minttihealth professional medical devices are feasible, effective, and safe for the purpose of improving postoperative outcomes. It could potentially help to reduce the load on hospital emergency departments and subsequently hospital admissions.

 With a proper Mintti solution, a suite of Mintti devices, such as Mintti Heartbook, Mintti Smartho-D2, connected by Bluetooth to a tablet, is used as a teleconsultation device with a simple interface. Teleconsultation is done with patients and/or their family members by the health providers, to address their concerns or perform post-operative follow-up.

It also features the ability to send push alerts to health providers if any of the vital signs exceed pre-set thresholds, so that health providers can take action.

Mintti home-based post-operative follow-up solutions may be considered in the future as key strategies to address increasing bed demand, not only for pandemics but also in response to the ageing population.

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