Elevating Chronic Disease Management: Unveiling the Power of MinttiHealth’s AI-Powered Digital Stethoscope and mHealth Solutions

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Mobile health (mHealth), an abbreviated term used for portable healthcare, is characterized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an utilization of portable healthcare monitoring equipment by the health care delivery system.

In the situation of pandemics, m-Health is rapidly turning into the new normal of the healthcare industry. It is applied in many care settings to provide cost-effective and improved healthcare delivery services, including chronic disease management.

Given the increasing number of people with chronic diseases, many efforts have been made to increase the accessibility of healthcare over the disease course. mHealth technologies now allow consistent and regular monitoring of chronic patients. Chronic diseases are vigilantly tracked virtually to ensure that any flags are promptly  addressed through electronic data interchange.

The successful control of chronic diseases mainly depends on how well patients manage their disease conditions with the aid of healthcare providers. With the adoption of mHealth and telemedicine, the advantages for caregivers, healthcare organizations, and chronic patients are numerous. Below are some benefits for the chronic patient and the health providers :

Telehealth Consults: Unnecessary trips to the caregiver can be avoided through telemedicine options. A chronic patient can do a quick online consult for matters that may not require in-person visits. A patient engagement system can be established through mHealth services that allow the chronic patient to connect with their caregiver for an audio/ text or video consult.

 Self-Monitoring of Health: When a healthcare mobile app is embedded with the right tools and technology, chronic patients can take responsibility for monitoring their own health and reduce the pressure on the healthcare organization. For example: Mintti-Vision was designed to monitor 6 vitals via self-administered tests and wirelessly transmits the results to a Smartphone and the cloud for doctors to view remotely.

 Medication Alerts & Regularity: Frequently, patient health degeneration is a result of irregularity of medication. Remembering to take medication benefits not only the chronic patient but also the healthcare organization in providing a better health experience to the chronic patient. Through efficient mHealth app development, medication reminders can ensure that chronic patients are reminded at the scheduled time to take their prescribed medication. This provides maximized health benefits to the patient and the utility of the healthcare organization.

 Easy Accessibility& Caregiving Efficiency: From medical informatics to practice management solutions, mobile health systems encourage efficient and timely service to chronic patients. On one hand, healthcare mobile application allows the caregiver to be easily accessible and thereby enhances patient experience. On the other hand, with efficient mobile health technology, health providers can have an instant and safe access to medical data for timely action.

 Reduced Healthcare Expenses: Mobile health applications have proven to reduce a considerable amount of expense for the healthcare organization and chronic patients. Timely medications, attention to health through wellness apps, etc., keeps the chronic patient’s health in check and reduces re-visits.

Increased Connectivity: Traditionally, chronic patient and doctor interaction was essentially limited to in-person doctor appointments. However, with a healthcare mobile app and efficient healthcare management, frequent interactions can be organized through a mHealth solution.

Optimized Medical Data: With the transition of medical mHealth data, the chronic patient’s medical information is safely available on a secure platform for easy access and updating. mHealth security has significantly advanced in the current times, creating efficient opportunities for data analysis and medical billing.

As the development of mobile health technology, more personalized and effective healthcare programs can be established by integrating multiple mHealth modalities addressing different aspects of chronic disease management. For example, AI-Powered Mintti- Smartho-D2 Stethoscope is ideal for remote monitoring of cardiovascular disease.

To learn more about how can Minttihealth help your practice with mHealth in chronic disease management, or other solutions customized to your business goals and challenges, or request a Demo, you may send us an email to: info@ minttihealth.com, we’ll respond shortly to your query.