Remote Patient Monitoring for Diabetes Management

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Treatment for diabetes often requires interventions beyond medication. The evidence shows that comprehensive care, including behavior modification and medication, can be highly effective. However, this type of care is difficult to implement and execute, so most people with diabetes rely on chronic disease management (CDM) programs.

Minttihealth provides solutions for telehealth to diabetic patients in rural areas.

Patients with diabetes will be able to get benefits by telecommunicating with specialists and subspecialists.

Primary care providers and patients can both benefit from diabetes education via telehealth technology. The provider can stay up to date with the patient’s glucose levels remotely and also provide advice on nutrition intervention.

Minttihealth not only reduces barriers to care for rural patients, it also reduces strain on providers in rural areas.

Mintti-Vision’s Remote Patient Monitoring( RPM) solutions help with chronic conditions with the following benefits for diabetic patients:

*Help shorten the hospital stay for diabetic patients who are able to be discharged from the facility;

*Help with fewer visits to the ER;

*Provide better management for diabetic conditions with its remote patient monitoring;

*Reduce risk of COVID-19 exposure, along with other illnesses.

Mintti-Vision helps provide the following benefits for health providers:

*Enable a provider to identify diabetic patient conditions and offer remote patient monitoring programs to diabetic patients.

*Collect a wide range of health data through remote patient monitoring. This includes blood pressure, heart rate,  blood sugar levels, and body temperature etc.

*Allow providers to monitor a patient’s health data remotely. Data such as blood glucose, SPO2, respiratory rate,  heart rate, and so on can be monitored without the patient needing to show up at the provider’s office.

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