Remote Monitoring of Chronic Diseases Made Easier

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Remote Monitoring of Chronic Diseases Made Easier

Mintihealth Offers Support for Phable Intelligent Chronic Disease Management Ecosystem

 As a result of COVID and the resulting increase in out-of-office care, as well as value-based care support from providers and governments, remote monitoring of chronic diseases is playing a key role in primary care.

Remote Monitoring of chronic disease allows patients electronically submit the data to their provider in real-time. And enables clinicians to monitor their patients’ conditions remotely and make timely interventions.

About Phable

Phable is a complete chronic disease care ecosystem, driven by a highly intelligent network of care providers, technology partners and patients focused on diabetes & hypertension care.

“Healthcare is changing, and we’re leading the charge.” They’re on a mission to make daily care accessible for patients with lifestyle diseases and build the future of healthcare.

Phable customers are spread across urban & tier3/4 cities. They’re on a mission to build healthcare solutions that put the patient first. Their product is designed to empower users with quality insights, and deliver care for their unique needs.

Mintti Devices Integrated in Phable Ecosystem

 Phable remote monitoring teams applied Mintti devices in their intelligent chronic disease management ecosystem to monitor patients’ vitals and ensure medical intervention if required.

 Why Choose Mintti  

 Minttihealth was listed as one of top 23 Global Wearable Healthcare Devices Industry (2020 to 2025) by AP;

Minttihealth is the only Chinese brand interviewed by Cardiology 2.0 from US, a media publication covering innovation, breakthroughs, trends across the complete spectrum of cardiovascular space.

And Mintti Smartho-D2 is the first and only electronic stethoscope CE marked and FDA 510K cleared in China.

We look for partners rather than buyers. Minttihealth has provided over 200 customized solutions for more than 1000 customers from 62 countries.

For the application of remote patient monitoring with Mintti-Vision, Mintti-Smartho-D2, Mintti-Heartbook, or other solutions customized to your business goals and challenges, you may find out here, or request a Demo, you may send us an email to: info@, we’ll respond shortly to your query.