Minttihealth Co-founder Acknowledged for Research Article on Cardiopulmonary Auscultation Enhancement for Electronic Stethoscopes


Minttihealth co-founder, Shengsheng Cai, has been acknowledged as a co-author for a research article entitled “Cardiopulmonary auscultation enhancement with a two-stage noise cancellation approach,” which has been accepted for publication in the medical journal Biomedical Signal Processing and Control.

The paper details a two-stage approach for removing noise from cardiopulmonary sounds, which consists of a conventional ANC method for coarse noise cancellation and the proposed DINC-Net for fine noise cancellation. The study demonstrates that the proposed two-stage approach outperforms both one- and two-stage methods for noise cancellation in real online auscultation applications of electronic stethoscopes.

The research was supported by the Suzhou Science and Technology Project, with Cai responsible for validation, investigation, and data curation.

The study suggests the proposed approach could be a promising technical route for noise cancellation in real-world applications of electronic stethoscopes.