To achieve the accuracy of data collection, the sensors of the Wearable medical devices are more demanding. we have adopted professional medical sensors developed by Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology(SIMIT),subsidiary of Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) . Sensors developed by SIMIT are smaller in size, have lower power consumption, and have better performance. The sensors also include infrared temperature sensors, accelerator, pressure sensor, heart rate sensor, blood oxygen saturation sensor and piezoelectricsensor, which are applied to temperature, ECG, blood oxygen and blood pressure monitoring devices.


A sensor’s accuracy depends on its algorithm’s accuracy. Our highly accurate algorithm is derived from the collection of extensive clinical data, and our proprietary models, which allows for automatic compensation and calibration for different environments. For example, the ECG monitoring algorithms are derived from a combination of heart rate, heart rate changes, cardiac pump function, respiratory rate, and other collected health data.

Cloud Database

We are not purely a device maker, but rather an operator of medical data and provider of health care solutions. In addition to supplying to the terminal consumers, we also welcome the B2B business models Utilizing our independently developed SDK and working with partners to create APPs, we are able to analyze data, upload to the cloud and then provide feedback for online doctors to use. Our scientists apply block chain technology to medical scenarios, which better guarantees the privacy and security of personal medical data (including anonymous user authentication, and identity privacy protection) shared with doctors and medical professionals.