Mintti New Moon

Mintti New Moon, a body temperature patch for kids: Bluetooth technology with low power consumption guarantees constantly synchronizing the temperature parameters of kids with parents’ phone or pad. APP can constantly monitor body temperature and trigger early warning, if necessary, and doctors can also make more targeted treatment plans based on its body temperature variation […]

Mintti Breeze

Mintti Breeze, a dual function thermometer: Mintti Breeze enjoys appearance a simplistic outlook with a hi-tech texture. It offers not only convenience to users with two different temperature measurement modes (both forehead and ear), but also two different data processing modes. You can use it standalone, or temperature management in combination with an APP by […]

Mintti Spring

Mintti Spring, an earplug-style BBT (basal body temperature) fertility tracker for women: our technology advantages in infrared temperature sensors and ability to process big data of women BBT make this product a worldwide leader, with both revolutionary breakthroughs in the user experience and big data analysis. Through the constant capture of extremely subtle changes in […]

10 Algorithms that are Changing Health Care

The basic definition of an algorithm is simple: a step-by-step set of instructions for solving a problem or performing a task. A recipe for chocolate chip cookies is an algorithm. The “chunking” or “decimal bus stop” methods of doing long division are algorithms. Far more complex algorithms are behind some of the greatest advances in […]