Struggles, Every Mother Just Keeps to Herself

She had to walk the tight line between parent and friend A mother wants nothing more than to see the warm smiles on her children’s faces, have fun with them and talk about all kinds of things. They can be your best friend in the whole wide world at times, but they also know that […]

Amulyte:Building A Better Lifeline For Seniors

Commercial catchphrases like “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” have become the stuff of legend, but it’s not funny when one of your grandparents has been in that same situation. University of Waterloo alumni Jaclyn Konzelmann and Perry Haldenby have been there with their own grandparents, and after discovering that most senior monitoring systems are terribly […]

Manage your health

“People didn’t realise how enormously hard he worked,” the fund manager said. “He got up at 4.30 am and wasn’t back home until 9.30 pm.”The Stakhanovite in question was the retail analyst Richard Ratner from the brokerage firm Seymour Pierce, who died a couple of weeks ago after suffering a heart attack at work. He […]

Take you to the world of the baby

Parents expect babies to sleep through most of the day, and that all it takes is for them to be fed and popped into their cot for the remaining part of the day. Well, if this scenario exists, it’s an exception to the rule. Being a parent is tiresome, and you want to make sure […]

Bellabeat Leaf’s new wearable and app help women tackle stress

Bellabeat, the maker of a line of health trackers aimed at women, has sold over 400,000 units of its first health tracker known as the Leaf – a name given to the device because of its leaf-like shape which can be worn on the wrist, as a brooch, or pendant. Today, the company is rolling out its […]

How are algorithms changing healthcare?

A medical algorithm capable of real-time monitoring of electronic health records can predict whether a hospital patient will deteriorate hours in advance and alert physicians about their decline. The algorithm, developed at the University of Chicago Medical Center and marketed by Quant HC, tracks 28 variables like respiratory rate, age, kidney function and length of hospital […]

Mintti Vision

Mintti Vision, a Multi-functional monitor: this multi-functional health monitoring device, makes the tricorder in Star Trek come true. Mintti Vision is configured with the blood pressure measurement module with a MITSUMI high accuracy pressure sensor. Not only will it monitor and record blood pressure data, but it will also record basic vital signs such as […]

Mintti heartbook

Mintti heartbook: This remote dynamic electrocardiogram provides telemedicine solutions with a combination of intelligent independent monitoring and precise medical diagnosis by doctors. We have independently developed and integrated a power management chip, an ECG sensor, and a six-axis body posture sensor into the compact and original “one-patch electrode type” heartbook electrocardiogram equipment. Mintti heartbook has […]

Mintti Smartho-D2

Mintti Smartho-D2: we strive to create an innovative smart stethoscope, which is not only able to adhere to the excellent performance of currently existing Bluetooth stethoscopes in the market, but also with a more stylish appearance and user-friendly interface, and, last but not least, affordable for physicians– here comes Mintti Smartho-D2. In addition to high-fidelity […]

Mintti Smartho-D1

Mintti Smartho-D1, Phone-connected stethoscope: a stethoscope able to connect to a Smartphone, its most appropriate scenarios are in rural areas of developing countries such as Africa and South Asia, where pneumonia threatens the lives of children. With our Smartho-D1, children’s heart and lung sounds can be recorded through the phone APP and transmitted to telemedicine […]