One of the founders of Minttihealth has solid working experience in medical equipment and health solution over 20 years. As a provincial agent in China of both Philips Healthcare and Siemens Medical, and as an executive partner of several hospital constructions in Africa, he sensed that a great role the advanced medical equipment plays in improving the quality of life and people’s unremitting pursuit of health. The rapid development of internet technology and the wide application of artificial intelligence enable more people to enjoy unimaginable medical services than in the past. “The world is flat”, “A healthy world is reachable”, the founders of Minttihealth came together in hopes of using modern technologies to bring a cooler and healthier world into reality.


Minttihealth is proud of its excellent team. Most of them are scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and leaders in their respected fields (such as sensors, acoustic signal processing, electro-physiological signal processing, intelligent network platform construction and algorithm). Some come from intelligent electronic products design and manufacturing industries, and are able to turn blueprints into reality, while others are from top medical equipment companies in the world, who have a deep understanding of the market.

Minttihealth has more valuable expert base resource, with dozens of clinical medical experts as the big data entry for minttihealth’ telemedicine system, and their extensive clinical experience in the combination of the vast amounts of user data can efficiently test and upgrade the algorithm calibration and inspection.


Minttihealth’s mission is to find new ways and means. Starting with the hardware/software technology, via further optimization of disease management and auxiliary medical practice, we focus on big data analysis and AI applications in the healthcare industry, to help everyone with access to advanced and efficient health-care networks and medical services.

Manage your health

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