Mintti heartbook: This remote dynamic electrocardiogram provides telemedicine solutions with a combination of intelligent independent monitoring and precise medical diagnosis by doctors. We have independently developed and integrated a power management chip, an ECG sensor, and a six-axis body posture sensor into the compact and original “one-patch electrode type” heartbook electrocardiogram equipment. Mintti heartbook has multiple functions, such as HR alarm, abnormal body posture alarm, respiratory rate monitoring, arrhythmia alert, and Holter. Its powerful APP has built in auto-input templates for 216 symptoms of arrhythmia and myocardial ischemia diseases in 9 categories, making disease symptoms entry convenient and quick. Via Heartbook’s robust multi-parameter fusion algorithm, the optimized readings on record can be maintained on the device or the cloud, thus online diagnosis can be made by doctors to fulfill remote consultations and establish personalized disease management treatments for patients.

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